Everybody has a goal in life, but have you ever visualized this? Have you thought about how to achieve it?

Unleash your potential

In this workshop we will start by focusing on what is important to you in life by finding your personal values. Based on your values, we will spotlight your ideal job title and/or role. Even if you don’t know what it is yet, you will find out that there are embedded preferences that will help you shape your ultimate dream job. During this workshop, we will help you make your goals more tangible and provide you with the assistance to realize these goals. The first step to reaching your goal is to visualize it in your mind so it will provide you with guidance.

Remember: After all, it’s not about reaching this situation in a week or a month time. It’s about consistently taking small steps to ultimately unleash your full potential.

About Prowareness

Prowareness is the Dutch expert on Agile training courses, workshops and consultancy. Whether you want to become a professional Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach or Agile Leader and/or your organization needs assistance in your Agile Transformation. With over 100 training courses and a team of 80+ well experienced and certified trainers, coaches and consultants, Prowareness helps organizations learn and grow. Prowareness Agile Academy is considered to be one of the best Agile training institutes in the Netherlands, being a certified training partner of Scrum.org, Scaled Agile, Kanban University, LeSS, DevOps Institute and APMG-International. Read more about Prowareness here.

About you

  • A Dutch refugee status or in the procedure to get the status
  • Proficient in English
  • Professional and intellectual capacities at the academic or higher professional education level (HBO or WO)
  • Eager to make your (professional) goals more tangible
  • Available on December 9th, from 1 pm to 5 pm (lunch is not included)
  • Willing to pay your own travel expenses, as travel costs will not be reimbursed


There are three different dates that you choose to participate. We will sent out a survey to ask you which dates have your preference. The dates are:

  • Friday 9th of December
  • Friday 13th of January
  • Friday 10th of February

How to apply?

Apply by uploading your CV before the 14th of November via the Refugee Talent Hub website. Your application will be reviewed, and we will let you know by the 2nd of December whether you have been selected to join this workshop.

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