Vitens: LinkedIn and network event

Drinking water. You might take it for granted. You open the tap, and it is there. For yourself, family, and friends. For schools, companies, and hospitals. But our summers are becoming warmer and drier. The big challenge: to be able to guarantee clean drinking water, in a sustainable way, in the future as well. That’s the mission of Vitens.

Werken bij Vitens

On Tuesday the 7th of June, the Refugee Talent Hub and Vitens are organizing a networking event for people who are interested in working in any field related to Vitens (e.g. communication, finance, IT, human resources, engineering, hydrology, etc.). Several Vitens professionals, specialized in multiple fields, are looking forward to networking with you and advising you on CV-building, your LinkedIn profile, and the next steps in your career/education. Would you like to expand your network, and do you want to discover if working at Vitens is something for you? Apply now!

About the event:

  • Food: This event is including lunch
  • Where: Vitens in Zwolle, travel expenses will be covered
  • Language: Primarily in English, some Dutch might be mixed in
  • Activities: Networking with employees and management, knowledge sharing about the Dutch labor market, tips and tricks on your CV and LinkedIn profile and advice on the next steps in your career and/or education

About you:

  • At least B2 level in Dutch and/or English
  • Professional and intellectual (technical) capacities at the level of MBO3/4 or the academic or higher professional education level (HBO or WO)
  • In possession of a residence permit

Apply now!

Are you interested in working for a company that provides vital services, and do you want to expand your network? Apply now! The application deadline is Monday 23rd of May, 17.00. Do not forget to add your LinkedIn profile and your CV to your Refugee Talent Hub account.

Vitens: LinkedIn and network event

7 June 2022
10:00 — 13:00
23 May 2022 17:00