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Our partnerships

Refugee Talent Hub is an employers initiative: it was founded by and for employers. We work with paid partnerships. Depending on the type and number of joint activities, our partners donate € 15,000, € 30,000 or € 60,000 per year. Refugee Talent Hub is financially fully supported by our partners. In some cases we conclude separate agreements with small companies for which the partner contribution is an obstacle.

These organizations are currently part of our Hub:

Corporate partners

The organizations below are affiliated with Refugee Talent Hub. Would you like to know more or are you interested in joining our network? Please contact us.

Social partners

Together we achieve more than alone. That is why - in addition to our corporate partners - we are proud to work closely with the social partners listed below.

Practical guide for employers

Many employers struggle with practical questions about working with refugees. What about the laws and regulations? Where do you start when you want to hire someone? And what guidance is actually needed?

Answers to these and other questions can be found in our practical guide for employers (in Dutch), produced by Refugee Talent Hub and our civil society partner Tent Partnership for Refugees.

You can also consult this roadmap (in Dutch) from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment about regulations or check out our fact sheet about working with employees with a refugee background.

Our method

The Refugee Talent Hub organizes with affiliated partners practical and targeted activities that lead refugees to paid work. During our meetings, the meeting is central, a great way to get to know candidates personally and to look beyond CVs. All activities are tailor-made and in line with the specific wishes of the partneremployer.

Our activities include:

  • Workshop During our workshops together with refugees you workk on their professional skills. For example, you can provide a LinkedIn training, interview seminar or course about building websites. This is an accessible way to get acquainted with job-seeking refugees.

  • Meet-and-greet This acitivity is centered around the personal meeting with a group of job-seeking refugees and suitable for recruitment. We meet in a small group (with five people or more) or organize a large event (with about a hundred people). Our meet-and-greets are informal, practical and are centered around doing something together. We work on a business case with financial service providers, we dive into the kitchen at restaurants and we pick up drills and other tools with technical companies.

  • Training In a crashcourse of various weeks or months, you as an employer teach a group of refugees skills such as programming or dealing with control programs. These "classes" help participating employers to recruit interesting candidates.

  • Internal trainingprogram During this program the employer trains job-seeking refugees throught its own in-house course. After completing this training successfullythe candidate are ready to start working immediately at your company.

  • Mentor program During this program employees are matched with with a refugee-mentee. During this period you work together towards a clear, work-related goal and you exchange knowledge, network and experiences.

Our current activities can be found here.

The Refugee Talent Hub also supports employers in strengthening internal support for diversity in the workplace in general and working with refugees in particular. The Refugee Talent Hub also maintains a wide network of like-minded employers and it is possible to share knowledge about issues that employers encounter in practice.

Would you like to know more or are you part of our network? Get in touch with our team.


In addition to partnerships, Refugee Talent Hub also welcomes one-off donations and in-kind contributions. If you wish to discuss the possibilities, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Refugee Talent Hub is an ANBI (Public Benefit Organization) which means donations are tax deductible.