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What is the Refugee Talent Hub?

Many refugees in the Netherlands are eager to start working, yet find it difficult to find a paid job.

This has various reasons. Diplomas do not match the Dutch labor market, language is an issue and work experience or competences are not always being valued correctly. Also prejudices are often in play. But perhaps most importantly: if you are new in the Netherlands you often have a small network and few employers.

That is a pity, we believe at the Refugee Talent Hub. After all, work is about more than just making money. Having a job also means structure, social contacts and gives you the feeling of being needed and belonging. Moreover, using your talent, knowledge and craftsmanship is in the interest of yourself, the employer and society. In other words, for the sake of all of us.

That is why the Refugee Talent Hub - an employer initiative - brings you together with employers. A job opportunity starts with a meeting.

What does the Refugee Talent Hub do for me?

The Refugee Talent Hub organizes company visits, trainings, courses, work experience programs and other work-related activities. All to increase your chance to find a paid job.

You can find the complete range of our Dutch and English-speaking events here. Our activities are informal, practical and take place in the workplace. We work closely with employers who are looking for interesting candidates and with civil society organizations such as the Council for Refugees and the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. You can find our activities throughout the Netherlands, from Amsterdam to Arnhem.

Come and join us soon.

Our services

  • Workshop

During our workshops you work together with an employer and other refugees on your professional skills. This includes taking a LinkedIn workshop, job application training or building a website course. This is an accessible way for employers to get to know you and to see whether you might fit in with the organization.

  • Meet-and-Greet

During this meeting, your personal meeting with one or more employers is central. We meet with a small group (with five people or more) or organize a large event (with about a hundred people). Our meet-and-greets are informal and practical: they are all about doing something together. So we break a business case with financial service providers, we bake bread with bakers and we drill and tinker with a technical installation company. Come and join us.

  • Training

In a crash course of several weeks or months, you will learn useful skills such as programming or dealing with popular control programs. These "classes" increase your job prospects and help participating employers to recruit interesting candidates.

  • Internal training program

During this program you receive short, internal training from an employer that suits you well. After successfully completing this training, you immediately start working for the employer via a paid job.

  • Mentor program

During this process we connect you with a mentor, an employee of an employer. During the period you work together towards a concrete, work-related goal and you exchange knowledge, network and experiences.

How do I keep up to date on your activities?

Are you a refugee and do you want to increase your job prospects? Sign up for our activities and subcribe to our newsletter to stay informed of our activities and activities of our social partners. We can also reach you if companies are looking for candidates.

You can also find our activities on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

P.S. In preparation for your meeting with employers, it is useful to:

  • Have your CV ready
  • Have your diploma appreciated. Diploma evaluation makes it easy for employers to gain insight into your education. More information can be found here.
  • Improving your Dutch. Need tips? You can find it here.