Information for employers

Working together with the Refugee Talent Hub?

There is a shortage in the labor market which refugee volunteers can fulfill with their labor potential – but how do you get in touch with them? Diversity and inclusiveness are high on the agenda, but how do you incorporate this? The Refugee Talent Hub is part of the answer to these questions.

What is it that the Refugee Talent Hub does?

The activities of the Refugee Talent Hub focus on ‘meeting each other’ and ’employment’. To meet each other, we organize Meet & Greet sessions on the work floor, work sessions, internships, company visits, etc. In order to find jobs, we provide refugees with relevant work experience courses, pre-selection of candidates for possible vacancies, sessions with for example HR departments, and much more. Experience shows that organizations are often looking to provide a combination of activities, in accordance, the outcome of the sessions will vary depending on the circumstances. We work with paid partnerships.

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