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Looking to work together with the Refugee Talent Hub?

There is scarcity on the labor market and refugees talents could potentially fill this gap – but how do you get in touch with them? Diversity and inclusiveness are high on the agenda, but how do you incorporate these? The Refugee Talent Hub hopes to provide part of the answer.

What does the Refugee Talent Hub do?

The activities of the Refugee Talent Hub focus on ‘meeting each other’ and ‘jobs’. To meet each other, we organize Meet & Greet sessions on the work floor, work sessions, (trial) internships, company visits, etc. In order to find jobs, we organize custom-made work experience programs, pre-selection of candidates for possible vacancies, custom-made sessions for, for example, HR- departments, and much more.

Experience shows that organizations are often looking for a combination of activities. It therefore always varies what the even will eventually be in the end. We work with paid partnerships.

Join in and become our partner!

What can be done prior to the partnership?

A match between a refugee talent and an organization is one, a successful service relationship in the long term is two. You can plan and organize a lot in advance. Every refugee and every organization is different; all possible tips, therefore, apply to a greater or lesser extent for your organization. Our experience shows that in any case, it is worthwhile to seriously consider the following points of interest.

  • An open and diverse organizational culture greatly increases the chances of success of a good working relationship. This has been demonstrated in many studies. Important is the way the manager deals with diversity in the team and knows how to use everyone’s talents as well as possible. In addition, you can inform employees early that a new employee comes with a refugee background and invest in awareness of cultural differences. Intercultural training can help. On the other hand, it should not be given too much emphasis: balance and customization.
  • Be aware of possible prejudices: competencies of candidates with a non-Western migration background are not always recognized. Openness, genuine interest and continuing to talk are extra important.
  • Most refugees need extra attention and support, especially in the beginning. That requires time and capacity. Make it available. Need more information about points of attention for hiring employees with a refugee background? Click here.