Information for the refugee talents

Is signing up with the Refuge Talent Hub something for you?

If you are a refugee with a residence permit searching for a job, the Refugee Talent Hub is something for you. If you sign up, you will become a part of our database. This way we can inform you about the upcoming events and connect you with different organizations. Thus, you increase your chance of employment!

Which activities can I attend?

We organize meet & greets, work sessions, company visits, traineeships, and much more. The events are displayed on this website, where you can sign up to attend. We also get special enquiries from employers regarding external activities that you can also be invited to. We enjoy creating a space where employers and refugees can meet, and refugees get a paid job placement. Increase your job opportunity and sign up!

Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland has also advised refugees, through this article, to sign up to the Refugee Talent Hub community as a tip to find a job.

Here you can find the story of the Syrian Diana Al Jundi, that fled to the Netherlands in a hurry after her home port, Damascus, went through days of bombings.