IT Work Experience at the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations

As of 1 October 2018, 5 or 6 refugees will start working at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) to gain one year of work experience in an IT function. This program was set up in cooperation with the Refugee Talent Hub. What does such a program actually look like? The Refugee Talent Hub reports regularly.

Why did the BZK actually start such a program?

BZK considers it important to offer refugees a chance, it promotes integration and the government performs better with an inclusive organisation. But that is not all, because of the shortage on the labour market, people in IT are really needed and refugees can contribute in filling this shortage.


What do you have to do as a refugee to qualify for a work spot?

The preliminary phase consists of two assessments that are conducted by Createment. You don’t need to have any IT experience, but you do need a passion to get started with IT and to just enjoy it. Createment is specialized in guiding people without IT experience to a job in the IT sector.

The RTH was present at the first assessment. At the beginning everyone was reassured, the bar is set very high, almost nobody manages to make the whole assignment, so don’t let yourself be fooled. Everyone started working, with a lot of enthusiasm, and yes, it was very difficult, but also fun! Besides the assignment the goal was to see how quickly you can take in new information, whether you understand it and how easily you can adapt to a new situation. A number of refugees have moved on to the next round. It must be noted that, if you didn’t pass the assessment initially, it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to pass it with some extra training at a later moment. So if you want to get started in IT, make sure you follow a training course, everyone was given tips on where to find them online.

The second assessment was a bit more complicated. Just a quick repetition of the last time and then getting to work on the next assignment. They worked hard and at the end the result was presented. In a short time everyone had managed to show a program. At this moment the last assessments are running, very exciting who will eventually go ahead!


How does the process continue?

The selected 5 or 6 refugees will be trained by Createment from August, so that they can start working at BZK as of October 1st. Who they have become and what they will do exactly, will be discussed in the future. However, it is already clear that these refugees are facing a good future, where they can achieve a lot in the IT world and BZK will have great employees.