A Cybercrime webinar by Rabobank

On June 25, it was time for the third online webinar by Rabobank. This session was devoted to Cybercrime and Artificial Intelligence. 20 people attended the webinar (4 of which were Rabobank employees). It was an informative and very relevant sitting.

About the host

Jan Veldsink is Lead of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Compliance Domain at Rabobank. In addition to that, he teaches AI and Cyber at Nyenrode Business University and he has his own company Grio. He has the mission to integrate AI and machine learning into business thinking. At Rabobank, he does this in the Compliance and Fraud departments, where he works on solutions with AI and machine learning and trains employees.

On the webinar

Rabobank is one of the biggest banks of the Netherlands and they have to fight cybercrime at all times. At Rabobank there are about 50-60 people working in different cyber security teams. They are divided into monitoring and detection teams, analytic teams and the technology focused teams where they work on the defense mechanisms of systems. During the webinar it was explained that fighting cybercrime is often very complicated due to the combination of technical complexity and human work. The host also explained a lot about how Rabobank uses data and models in order to detect fraud as soon as possible. On average they only have 40-60 milliseconds to detect a fraudulent transaction!

One of the participants asked how they can protect themselves from cybercriminals when they apply for new jobs. The host explained that it is always wise to do a good background research on the company where you apply for a job. Check their history and check if the offer you get is realistic. He also explained that it is wise to think carefully about what you post on your social media channels; “only publish what you want people to know” says Jan. This because social media is public and easily accessible for anyone. The webinar ended with some career advice from the host. If you aspire a career in Cybercrime and AI you need to have a background and personal interest in either criminology, computer science or AI. Being flexible and stress resistant could also be useful because according to Jan because “things are always happening in a way you do not expect”.

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