The Refugee Talent Hub sustains paying partnerships, to organize activities where the employer and refugeetalent can meet.

Refugee Talent Hub Partnership options for employers

According to the type and total of collective activities that you want to organize, the fee can be either €10.000 or €25.000 a year. As a partner you will have to pay a starting fee of €10.000 a year. This amount gives you access to our database, our knowledge, and a maximum of two events per year or a tailored traineeship. Partners that want to organize more than two activities a year, will have to pay the €25.000 fee. From our experiences we have learned that organizations are often looking for a combination of activities. Thus, we always end up doing customized work. Other gifts and in-kind contribution are also possible. Through these channels, we have acquired an office space from TOO The Office Operators, and temporary manpower from Accenture and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Refugee Talent Hub is a so-called ANBI (Public Benefit Organization). Gifts to ANBI’s can be deducted from revenues. This amounts to a deduction of as much as 50% of your revenues, with a maximum of €100.000. You will have to keep written proofs of these gifts.*

Our current partners are:

We also work with a huge network of organizations such as:

*Source: website Belastingdienst