Six refugee talents working at the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations

The Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK), together with the Refugee Talent Hub and Createment, has started an IT work experience trajectory for status holders. Six refugee talents signed their contract on 31st of July and will start working.


As a result, six talents were selected from a large group and will work at various locations at the BZK, such as P-Direkt, Rijksdienst voor identiteitsgegevens (RVIG), Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and Logius.

First there will be two months of intensive (IT) training in September and October. Starting November, the talents will begin their official work at BZK.


Good start

When the talents will actually start working at BZK, they will be supervised by a coach and the talents will receive a buddy on the workplace. If necessary, they will receive extra training and support. BZK also underlines that a good start is important: “We don’t know you yet, but we welcome you warmly and look forward to your arrival, we are already enthusiastic. We try to give you a good start through the training and guidance from both Createment and BZK. Because a good start is half of the work”.

And Createment agrees with that: “With the combination of Refugee Talent Hub, BZK and Createment we have all the ingredients needed to make this a success”.

Inclusive organisation

BZK considers it important to offer refugees an opportunity, it promotes integration and the government performs better with an inclusive organisation. Due to a shortage on the labour market, people in IT are really needed and refugees can fill part of this labour shortage.

Refugee Talent Hub

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