Accenture Internship Fair

Do you love innovation - and are you looking for an internship to kickstart your career? Find out now what it's like to work at a company with a focus on your personal development. Start your career to improve the way the world works and lives, by solving complex challenges for big global clients! Please note that this internship fair is only for those who are registered at a Dutch University and/or HBO institution.

Accenture Internship Fair

27 November 2019

13:00 tot 17:00



Meet Accenture @ Talent Internship Market!

During the program you will get to know the different types of internships at Accenture. Our developers and consultants will join and they can tell you all about their department, work, projects, clients, culture and ongoing focus on personal development.

Additionally, an interactive presentation will be held in which you will learn more about a potential internship match. The day will be closed with afternoon drinks!

About Accenture

We leverage design thinking, industry insights and the latest digital methodologies to help clients innovate, grow and improve their businesses. Our expertise, capabilities and experience mean that clients trust us to find the right solutions for their needs.

Together with our talented colleagues worldwide (460.000), we focus on connecting the needs of businesses with the possibilities that come with technological progress. Because that’s where the real challenges are: inventing and testing things that have never been tried before, getting new applications ready for roll-out, and ultimately guiding clients to select and implement the right technologies to transform their businesses.

In order to participate you need to be registered at a Dutch University!

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