Accenture Skillsguide

Find viable career opportunities with SkillsGuide: Looking for a new career, but not sure what suits you well? In that case, we are looking for you! At Accenture Interactive in the Netherlands, we built a platform called SkillsGuide. With this platform, we try to help people find career paths that match their skills.

Accenture Skillsguide

4 December 2019

10:00 tot 12:00



What do we have planned?

In the past months, we created the beta version of this product. We tested it quite a lot and now we are almost ready to launch. Before launching this product, we would like to go through it with you.

What is in it for you?

Our product helps guiding you in the right direction. It helps you find interesting career paths that match your existing skills. Also, it gives you access to interesting trainings, so you can learn new skills and become a master of your new career. If you participate in this session, you would receive early access to the platform.

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