Blockchain in Practice by Accenture

Accenture is offering another Blockchain session following the two fundamental courses of earlier this summer. In this session a few business use-cases of Blockchain will be discussed.

Blockchain in Practice by Accenture

28 November 2018

13:00 tot 16:30



Given the interest of the participants in the earlier sessions in the application of Blockchain in practice, Accenture is offering another session which covers use-cases of Blockchain in areas such as supply chain. Taking a closer look to blockchain in practice.

Blockchain, the technology that powers Bitcoin, is no longer limited to the world of cryptocurrency. Industries such as insurance, banking, health care and public services are adopting this emerging technology to enhance security, traceability, transparency and decreased costs. The demand for Blockchain expertise is coming from all sectors, but there still exists a large gap in skills.

Note: The session will be held in English and the travel cost cannot be reimbursed.

The training is open for all profiles however there are limited spots available for this session so be fast in subscribing. Deadline for registration is Friday 23 November 12 p.m.

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