Interview Problem Solving skills (Tech)

This interactive webinar is for technical people who are searching for IT related jobs. For this session, beginner-level programming knowledge with one language (C/C++, java, python, or other) is recommended, as well as knowledge on most of these programming concepts: conditions, variables, loops, arrays, data types, and I/O methods (scanning, printing). Interview Problem Solving skills (Tech)

17 June 2020

14:00 tot 17:00



During this workshop several problems and their solutions will be tackled and will encourage you to program your solution in your preferred programming language. Problem solving skills are perhaps the most attractive skill for employers who are looking for software developers. By problem solving skills, logical, analytical and mathematical thinking are implied. The most common way to shape problem solving skills is by solving problems and tasks that employ algorithmic, mathematical and logical thinking.

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Please register before June 16, 15:00. Be aware that the workshop is given in English. After your registration, a selection will take place. If you are selected, you will receive more information and a link to the online webinar.

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