Security and the Cloud

Join us for a webinar by and learn everything about Gmail and the Cloud. Security and the Cloud

3 July 2020

12:30 tot 14:00



Founded in 1996 in Amsterdam, has grown from a small Dutch start-up to one of the world’s leading digital travel companies. is available in 43 languages and offers more than 28 million reported accommodation listings. It is one of the world’s largest travel marketplaces for both established brands and entrepreneurs.

In the current situation we live in when remote working became a norm overnight due to the pandemic situation globally, knowledge and the skills of working in the cloud are essential. In order to continue being operational, regardless if you are an employee in a big corporation or run your own business, or would like to be more equipped for the job market, one should know how to be efficient and be secured while working online. At we work in the cloud as well. We use Google products for that. In this workshop, we ‘d like to cover the following topics

  • What is the Cloud?
  • Gmail: tips on how to arrange your mailbox
  • Google products that can help you to be efficient and organized: Google Drive and some handy google apps
  • Backup and security: learn to be sustainable with your laptop. Be mindful of how you store your data.

For whom?
Anybody who is suing Google or Gmail already, or willing to learn about it. If you are an experienced cloud user and would like to share your knowledge with our participants as well, please feel free to join as well. This workshop will be given in collaboration with MacLeasy – a company focused on cloud working and IT support. This company works with talented young people within the spectrum and young people with disadvantages in the labor market.

Please register before July 2nd, 17:00. Be aware that the workshop is given in English. After your registration, you will receive more information and a link to the online webinar.

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