Tech interviews for Software Developers

Are you a (beginning) software developer of do you want to become one? This workshop by is then perfect for you. Join us! Tech interviews for Software Developers

15 July 2020

17:00 tot 19:00



This workshop covers tech interviews. Tech Interviews generally consist of 2 parts: 1) Communication skills and how you get your thoughts across and 2) Actual problem solving knowledge. Even if you are really good at one of these things, you may be missing out on opportunities because of the other, and often its hard to realize that. This workshop will cover what kind of resources you can read to up your interviewing game, and cracking all those interviews out there. It will also involve some handy tips and tricks that can help you out in various situations.

DISCLAIMER – Some of the contents of this workshop are related to “Software Developer” role, and are not applicable for people who might be looking for Frontend Developer roles.

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1. This workshop is specifically for people aiming for backend software developer kind of jobs – although others can still take away something from it if they wish so.

2. Familiar with software development concepts and relevant courseworks like – Databases, Algorithms, Data Structures and such (which are expected skills from BE dev role). I dont expect you to have master level knowledge of it, but some experience/familiarity with it will make it easier to digest the workshop.

3. Some experience with solving problems and designing systems.

Ideally this workshop would help someone who wants to crack their next software developer interview – meaning they already have the required knowledge (or have some missing pieces) and this workshop would help them fill those gaps.

Please register before July 14, 9:00. Be aware that the workshop is given in English. After your registration, you will receive more information and a link to the online webinar.

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