We kicked it off again: Accenture’s Coaching Program

Last Friday, the Accenture Coaching Program has been kicked off! In collaboration with Accenture and UAF, we hosted the kickoff this round in a unique way: online. Over the course of 6 months, 13 refugees and 13 Accenture employees get the chance to share information and learn from each other.

Tu, working as manager at Accenture Interactive, registered as a mentor and says in her introduction: “My parents were Vietnamese refugees and I’ve always wanted to do something to give back and support other refugees with their lives and careers in the Netherlands.” By joining this initiative, Tu hopes to do this by coaching her mentee.

Yakoub, an engineer from Syria, is one of those mentees. He has been living in the Netherlands for three years now and joins the program to improve his chances on the labor market and to expand his network. 

Mentor Bart, change management consultant, strongly believes that sharing thoughts and tips & tricks are key in these current developments: “Hopefully I will be able to help my mentee as an active listener in his current development.”

His mentee, Ufuk, financial expert from Turkey, decided to join the program to receive help on his job search and “to be able to integrate into the Dutch work life”. Just like Hala, student in business administration in Tilburg: “I am joining because I want to receive more information on the Dutch labor market.”

These mentors and mentees and many others joined our interactive and fun kickoff including a training session. The participants are, until further notice, connected via internet, but hopefully soon able to also meet in person.