Webinar: DevOps at Rabobank

On May 19, the second online webinar by Rabobank took place. This time, the subject was DevOps: an agile way of working. Over 50 persons attended (8 of them being Rabobank employees). Again, it was interactive and consisted of valuable knowledge.

About the hosts

Rob Douwes started his career at Rabobank as a trainee in 1991. He never left. Right now, he is Lead Business Architect Distribution for CRM and online. His co-host Vincent Oostindie also works as a Business Architect. After working as a Software Developer at other organizations for some years, he started at Rabobank in 2007.

On the webinar

DevOps is a framework in which Rabobank teams build and deliver products. At Rabobank there are 400 DevOps-teams. That is many, begging the question: how do you turn these into something that actually works? In order to achieve that, the company adapted the Spotify model. During the webinar we discussed this model, including things such as squads, tribes, areas, guilds, and chapters.

Participants asked questions in the chatbox. Are you having a product backlog for each team, or do you have a shared product backlog? How do you manage the balance of working on new features vs legacy system between the teams? So how to make sure the access is not hacked by someone else lives thousands of km away?

The hosts explained Rabobank uses web development as much as possible, because the web will always exist and because web development is cheaper and easier than native development. Furthermore, web technology is easier to change. In the final 40 minutes of the webinar an interactive discussion started. Many participants asked questions that were answered elaborately by Vincent and Rob. The webinar even consisted of some career advice: “choose the career where your heart lies”, says Vincent.