About Us

The Refugee Talent Hub

facilitates encounters between employers and refugeetalents with the intent to deliver paid jobs. This encounter is based on the interests of the refugee, employer, and society. Work gives confidence and motivation, while accelerating a refugee’s integration process. Despite the scarcity in the job market and the benefits of diversification, refugees and employers rarely find each other. On the one hand, many refugees lack a social network, and on the other hand employers lack the knowhow to contact refugees. However, meeting is the first step towards employment; getting to know one another and discovering individual talents. The Refugee Talent Hub facilitates work meetings: the key to working and living together.

The activities that the Refugee Talent Hub organizes with its partners are small, frequent, and highly practical. We combine knowledge, experience, and connections from a big network consisting of NGO’s, education institutions, government institutions, and private organizations, with refugees. In accordance with employers we organize events such as: IT-training, creating and updating LinkedIn profiles, or other practical workshops, to improve the employability of refugees. Furthermore, we organize traineeships with employers, we do pre-selection of candidates, and we organize tailor-made trainings. The recurrent goal driving these events, is the desire to increase a refugees’ chance of employment.

Our ambition is to have a big impact on: the life of refugees individually, the participating partners, and the society as a whole, through a series of small events. The Refugee Talent Hub is an initiative for employers by employers.

In January 2016 Accenture introduced the idea of Refugee Talent Hub to a group of multinational CEO’s of the Word Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. The core idea was: there is a need for human capital in the labor market, wasted refugee labor-potential, and organizations have a role to play to close this gap. The Refugee Talent Hub is an independent organization since the end of 2016.