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Refugee Talent Hub has ANBI status. You can read more about it on this page.

General Information of the Organization

Name: Stichting Refugee Talent Hub
Chamber of Commerce Number: 66975085
Address: Danie Theronstraat 2
Phone Number: +31 6 14 49 39 66
Email Address:
RSIN: 856777845
Active in Sector: Welfare - Inclusivity and Accessibility
Target Group: Refugees
Number of Employees: 9
Statutory Board of the Organization

  •     M.J.J. van Beek, Chairperson
  •     N. Goldblum, General Board Member
  •     H. A. Zanting, Treasurer
  •     Z. Agovic-Fako, General Board Member
  •     C.S. van Thienen, General Board Member

Objective of the Organization

The mission of the Refugee Talent Hub is a Netherlands where employers see and utilize the talents of refugees, and where refugees have equal opportunities in the labor market. The goals are higher employment participation among refugees, jobs that better match the education level and work experience of refugees, and higher job security (permanent contracts, and fewer part-time positions).

Compensation Policy

The board members are unpaid. For the director's salary, we follow the criteria of the remuneration scheme for directors of charitable organizations.