About us

Who we are

We are the Refugee Talent Hub, an employer initiative that brings refugees and employers together with paid jobs as the goal.

Many refugees in the Netherlands are eager to go to work. However, not everyone is able to find a job. When you are new you often have a small network and it is difficult to meet employers. The opposite is also true. Many employers would like to use the talent and craftsmanship of refugees, but are unable to find them. A joint network is therefore missing.

That is why the Refugee Talent Hub has been available since 2016. We bring affiliated employers into contact with job-seeking refugees through small-scale, customized meetings. A job opportunity starts with a meeting

This is in the interest of everyone - the refugee, the employer and society. For example, having a job contributes greatly to rapid integration and employers with a diverse workforce are obviously more successful. In addition, a job for refugees is about more than just making money. Having work also means structure, social contacts and the feeling of being needed and belonging.

Our approach

At the Refugee Talent Hub we work with customized meetings that invite personal contact and get to know each other - the step toward to a fruitful collaboration. Our meetings consist of company visits, work experience programs and other work-related activities. All our events take place on the work floor and are small-scale, practical and efficient. You can find the complete range of our Dutch and English-speaking events here.

The Refugee Talent Hub method is based on the hub concept. We connect the knowledge, experience and contacts of a large network of employers, refugees and social organizations. The Refugee Talent Hub does this, among other things, by stimulating the exchange of knowledge between employers and by working closely with civil society organizations such as VluchtelingenwerkNederland, the New Dutch Connections, NewBees and UAF, the foundation for refugee students.

Our origin

The idea of the Refugee Talent Hub comes descends from consultancy firm Accenture. The company presented the idea at the annual World Economic Forum in 2016, after which the Refugee Talent Hub was launched the same year. The organization has now grown into an independent foundation with a large network of committed employers and refugee talents. As co-founder and corporate partner of the former, Accenture is closely involved in the activities of the Refugee Talent Hub.

Our team

Eva Huson Account- & project manager
Salar Ashari Back office medewerker
Wilma Roozenboom Directeur
Basel Ghrewati Account- & project manager
Lana Savic Account- & projectmanager
Francis Ropes Account- & projectmanager
Valérie van de Luitgaarden Account- en projectmanager (Accenture)
Samina Ahmed Projectmedewerker
Jan-Simon Rotgans Accountmanager / business development
Noor Broeders Account- en projectmanager (Accenture)
Tjerk Siebenga Projectmanager (Rabobank)
Sharoepa Janki Account- en projectmanager (Rabobank)

Our board

‘Ik heb al zoveel ambitieuze, veerkrachtige en leergierige vluchtelingtalenten mogen ontmoeten dat ik me met volle overtuiging inzet om vluchtelingtalenten in te zetten in het bedrijfsleven’
— Manon van Beek
‘Ik zet me in voor Refugee Talent Hub omdat er een duidelijke Win-Win situatie is. Zakelijk Nederland heeft talent nodig en vluchtelingen willen werken’
— Miel Geleijns
‘Er zit volop talent in de groep mensen die nieuw in Nederland is aangekomen’
— Harm Albert Zanting
‘De Refugee Talent Hub biedt vluchtelingen perspectief en versnelde integratie door werk en werkgevers toegang tot gedreven medewerkers met enorme veerkracht, een prachtige win-win situatie’
— Nynke Jansen
‘De rol van bestuurslid bij de Refugee Talent Hub past goed bij mij en bij wat ik wil teruggeven aan de maatschappij’
— Zina Agovic