About us

The Refugee Talent Hub brings employers and refugee talents closer together with the goal of paid employment. This is in the interest of the refugee, employer and society. Jobs empower and give confidence and contributes to the faster integration of refugees. Refugees and employers often struggle to find one another, even though refugees could fill the gap in the labor market. Additionally, a diverse staff and management lead to successful organizations. Many refugees don’t have a social network yet in their host countries and many employers don’t know how to get in touch with refugees. A job opportunity starts with meeting the other; networking and discovering individual talents. The Refugee Talent Hub organizes job related meetings, the key to working and living together. The Refugee Talent Hub is an initiative for and by employers in the Netherlands and (close-knit cooperations between) public organizations. As we work based on the demand of employers we work nationwide. From Delfzijl to Rotterdam and from Amsterdam to Arnhem. VluchtelingenWerk Nederland is our partner of the earliest stage.

Activities & ambition 

The various activities that the Refugee Talent Hub organises with employers are smallscaled and practically oriented. We organise meet & greets with employers to further develop the skills of employees with a refugee background, like IT or soft skill workshops. Additionally, we organise work experience-trajectories with employers, do a pre-selection of potential candidates and supply customised workshops. The aim of these activities is always to increase job opportunities for refugees. Our ambition is to organise relatively small events and still make a big impact on the individual lives of refugees, participating employers and with that the society as a whole.

The hub-idea

We combine the knowledge, experiences and contacts of a large network of employers, social organisations and refugees. By combining for example the experiences of employers and employees others can use their acquired knowledge to their benefit. The hub-idea is also reflected in the way Refugee Talent Hub team is organised: a small and multicultural team of employees who are almost all seconded from (and thus paid by) partners.

In January 2016 presented Accenture the idea of the Refugee Talent Hub to a group of CEO’s on the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. The main idea: there is a shortage on the labour market and there is unused labour potential of refugees. Employers have a role to play in closing this gap. Since late 2016, Refugee Talent Hub has been an independent foundation. We work with paid partnerships.  

Ons Team

Wilma Roozenboom

Jenny Hoevenagel

Syan Sitalsing

Salar Ashari

Marieke van den Brink

Lotte Schipper


The board of the Refugee Talent Hub consists of president Manon van Beek (CEO TenneT), Martin van Iperen (director VluchtelingenWerk Nederland), Arnoud Verdoorn (HR director AkzoNobel), Miel Geleijns (managing director Accenture Nederland), Marcel Stultiens (HRM director Arcadis the Netherlands) and Nynke Jansen (independent HR professional).



"I think that employing refugees serves our own interests and helps the people who come here and have trouble finding a job. I believe it would be very good if companies like ourselves would be able to make that connection with refugee talents. My idea of the Refugee Talent Hub is that it must be a mechanism to make this connection between companies and refugee talents." - Miel Geleijns


"It is important that companies acknowledge the added value of refugees as potential employees. The Refugee Talent Hub fulfills an important role in addition to (and in close cooperation with) organizations such as VluchtelingenWerk and the UAF Foundation, precisely because the Refugee Talent Hub works from the labour market perspective: the supply of jobs. That is really a different way of working than most organizations in this field."- Dorine Manson



WhoCares brings positive initiatives in the picture and puts the spotlight on ordinary people with unusual actions. They inspire us and others to take action themselves for a better world. That is why we are happy to work with the Refugee Talent Hub. We want to inspire others with powerful positive stories from newcomers in the Netherlands, who show that living together is possible. We make more impact through this collaboration. In the future, we want to show many inspiring examples and thus increase the support and attention to newcomers in our country. WhoCares is an initiative of CARE  the Netherlands.



"We are in the heart of society and want to contribute to that society. Of course there is also a business interest. Contributing to such an initiative gives our company a profile that is attractive to new colleagues. Certainly for the young people who now come from the university, salary is not the most important thing; they want to work for a company with social relevance. More concretely: there is plenty of talent in the group of people who have arrived in the Netherlands. We are looking for that talent.” - Harm Albert


“In the current labour market, expert IT staff, technicians and buyers are scarce, while in our country there are many highly qualified refugee volunteers who are highly motivated to work in Dutch organisations and companies. In practice, it appears difficult for this group to get to work. You can see that this group needs an additional program compared to native employees.

Rijkswaterstaat wants to be a diverse and inclusive organisation. An organisation that offers space to everyone and uses the power of the diversity of employees to achieve better results for the Netherlands altogether. Talent as a basis, diversity as a force. we see working with refugees (status holders) as an opportunity. In addition, we have developed a Refugee talent program to enable them to get to know our organisation, to master the Dutch language better and to gain work experience.

Together with the talents, municipalities and partners such as the Refugee Talent Hub, we make this program a success.”

Country managing director NL Accenture

"Hiring refugee talent is a gift to yourself and your organization.” - Irine Gaasbeek