Meet. Greet. Work.

The Refugee Talent Hub brings employers and refugees together with paid employment as main goal.

A job opportunity starts with a meeting

Many refugees in The Netherlands are eager to start working, yet not all have found a paid job. This is amongst other things because a shared network between employers and refugees is missing. After all, when you arrive in a new country you have a small network, making it difficult to meet potential employers. At the same time, many employers in the Netherlands are interested in the untapped potential of refugees, but don't encounter them through their own network.

It is for this reason the Refugee Talent Hub exists. We are an employer initiative bringing together employers and job seekers with a refugee background.

Our method? We organize practical events where employers and future employees can meet. Always tailormade and always on the workfloor.


The Refugee Talent Hub brings employers and refugee talents closer together with one goal: to increase your job prospects.

23 September 2021 BrandedU for Women | Amplify Your Finances

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23 September 2021 KPMG Coding Course

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23 September 2021 Webinar: Meet ManpowerGroup

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23 September 2021 Webinar: Get to know TomTom!

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23 September 2021 Unilever Coaching Program

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Regularly, blogs will appear about events or other work trajectories and topics that the Refugee Talent Hub is involved in. A collection of these blogs can be found here.

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