G-Star wil graag het nummer 1 denim-merk in de wereld zijn, en verlegt daarbij grenzen in zowel design als innovatie. Ondernemerschap en passie staan daarbij voorop, en we zijn altijd gericht op de toekomst. Bij G-Star is diversiteit en inclusie vanzelfsprekend - vandaar ook onze samenwerking met Refugee Talent Hub.

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It is very close to my heart to create a truly divers and inclusive workforce, not only based on gender, nationality or sexual preference. I also believe refugees are a great source of talent that we don’t come across automatically.

  • Josanne Verdonk, Chief Human Resource Officer

Previous events

Below are all previous activities of and with G-Star.

Mentor program at G-Star

Finding a job with a refugee background can be challenging. For example, because you have a small professional network, know little about the Dutch labor market...

ONLY FOR STUDENTS: Speed-date session for internships at G-Star

On May 23rd at 10:00 , we are organizing a speed-date session for students with the refugee background interested in an internship at G-Star.

ONLY FOR STUDENTS: Speed-date session for internships at G-Star

Only for students