Gratis gecertificeerde trainingen en coaching voor statushouders, op het gebied van agile werken

  • Tailer-made certified Agile Fast Track training and Kanban training
  • candidates supported with an ‘Unleash your potential’ workshop (goal 2023)
  • candidates coached in scrum master & agile coach roles for customer talent programs
  • Partner sinds
  • 2022
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We stand for unleashing potential in the broadest sense.

  • Denny de Waard
  • Managing Director


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Prowareness workshop: Unleash your potential autumn 2023

Everybody has a goal in life, but have you ever visualized this? Have you thought about how to achieve it?

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  • Datum 20 oktober 2023
  • Tijd 11:00 — 15:00
  • Locatie Delft
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