Public Transport Company GVB

Amsterdam is growing and so is the GVB. More and more residents, tourists and visitors are transported daily by the GVB, which now amounts to more than 800 trips per working day. The GVB is therefore always looking for (refugee) talent.

On 5th June, on location at the working areas in Diemen, refugee talents were welcomed by the
Managing Director of GVB, Alexandra van Uffelen, during which the various departments of the GVB
were presented. A nice view of the company with passionate employees.
After a short tour of the working location, there was plenty of time for discussions between
employees of the GVB and refugees. The conversations were animated, and many questions were
asked. For example, there was interest in the position of bus driver and in the technical positions.
GVB has a wide diversity of functions. Agreements were made for follow-up interviews, or as a
refugee talent put it: "it's going to be exciting weeks". It is almost inevitable that a few good matches
will come out of this.